Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rick Springfield!!!

I used to browse and read articles in the local paper all the time but lately I just hadn't been in the reading mood. Well, today I thought it's been a while so I picked it up and there I saw it on the front page...oh my gosh...Rick Springfield will be performing at my city's Memorial Day weekend celebration!!! This is a such a great thing that the City Council does because it's free, yes, free; last year it was KC and the Sunshine Band!! (KC was so nice that he signed autographs after the show.) I've also seen REO Speedwagon and several other groups over the years. But anyway, it's funny because the other day in the car I heard one of Rick's songs as my son was changing the stations and I was like hey that's Rick Springfield so he left it on; then I saw him on Oprah a few weeks ago and now today I read he's going to be performing. Wow, how exciting!!!

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