Monday, March 24, 2014

Batman Envelope Pillow Cover

Here is the latest sewing project that I made yesterday.  This is right on time for me to link up and participate in Ashley's "You Made It and Love It" link party at her blog Make It and Love It.  This is the second envelope style pillow cover I've made as they are so fun and quick to sew.  As with my first one, I again followed the instructions by TheCraftyGemini on Youtube.  I went shopping on Saturday and purchased the Batman fabric and a 18" Soft n Crafty Classic Comfort Everyday Design pillow form at Joann's.  I was looking for a 14" or 16" pillow form but was only able to find a 18" so I went with that size.  I only bought a yard of fabric thinking hoping :0 it was enough but with that size pillow form, the fabric was a bit short.  If it wasn't a directional print, and the pillow form was 14" it would have been fine but I did want Batman to be face up, LOL!  I checked my fabric stash and found the perfect blue fabric to complement the Batman fabric but I needed the front panel to measure 19"x19".  To make up for the shortage, I cut the front panel to 16x16 and added 1.75" strips (including 1/4" seam allowance) of the blue fabric to all four sides.  I didn't measure the strips correctly at first because I had it all worked out in my head. (oh yes, I can remember all this math and fractions, duh--math--my worst subject in school, oops, LOL) But, of course I forgot and luckily my memory kicked in and I measured the first strip, halfway sewn, and still under the needle!  So I ripped it out, cut 4 more strips correctly and finished up the front panel.  A few more seams and finally the cover was complete!
front view

back view

front view without pillow form