Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cake show entries and a winner

I managed to complete two entries, a cake and cookies, for last weekend's event, The Great American Cake Show. I covered the cake in fondant and I traced the image onto the cake using the pin prick method. I used a technique called brush embroidery; you trace the outline of the image in royal icing then use a paintbrush to brush strokes of the icing towards the center of the image. One thing I forgot was that the batch of royal icing I used I had added piping gel to which didn't help with my brush strokes. Although not perfect, it wasn't too bad and I got 3rd place. After the icing dried, I dusted on the color using petal and luster dusts. I finished off the cake with a decorated strip of fondant cut with a gem cutter.

For the cookies, I used a heart cutter for the hearts but the others I cut by hand from a template I made out of paper. I used a variety of mediums and techniques to decorate these; royal icing and fondant.

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