Monday, November 17, 2008

Camera vs Scanner

I made this card last week and was ready to take a picture of it but my camera batteries needed recharging. I was a little bummed but then remembered that I could use my printer to scan a shot of it. Well, it wasn't the greatest scan but it was better than not having a picture. By morning the camera batteries were charged so I took a quick snap shot of the card before mailing it. Well I must say; I do like taking pictures but I really need to get better at it especially with the lighting and I also need to read how to use the photo editing software I have on my computer. The scanned card is the one on the bottom. I've read some people use a photo box and maybe that will help me produce better pictures. There is a thread at Splitcoast on how to make a homemade photo box and I think it is time I stop procrastinating and make one. I'll have to do that and then post my results.


Theresa said...

Lovely card! I do like the picture better than the scanned image. Beautiful coloring!

Dee Jackson said...

This is so very pretty!! I love the colors. I really liked scanning just cause it's less work LOL but photos are WAY better:)

Carolyn King said...

this is beautiful! Such a cheerful card. I too prefer photos rather than scans---I think you lose some of the dimension when you scan it!