Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 2 firsts

I finally did it! I made a post-it-note holder and I used my bind-it-all! One of my coworkers got a new job and last Friday was her last day with us and I wanted to give her a little something. Well this gave me the motivation to make a post-it-note holder with matching RSVP pen. Instead of using only card stock as a base, I used a combination of chipboard and card stock. I cut two pieces of chipboard (left over from a large sheet I purchased several months ago) for my front and back covers. I used two coordinating papers from Inque Boutique's Cabana collection. One for the front and back covers and the other for the interior front and back covers. I used my bind-it-all to bound the covers together. I've had my bind-it-all for a few months now so I'm glad I finally used it because I had been intimidated but it turned out to be very easy to use. I even stopped in the middle of making these to watch a video I found on You Tube for an extra bit of motivation. To finish off the holder, I die cut a monogram for the front cover. To adhere the post-it-note holder, I used red liner tape. For the pen, I went the easy route and just filled it with a piece of the paper I used for the chipboard cover. Finally, I added some ribbon to the pen and on the binder coils. I didn't have enough time to make a beaded pen but I'll be trying that soon. I think these turned out lovely for my first time at making them.

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Lynn Mercurio said...

What a fabulous going-away gift for your co-worker! Great job, and now that you've made one, I bet you make even more! Great job.