Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cake heaven

The other day, Food Network ran a mini marathon on wedding cake challenges. Usually I don't check the tv guide often but I lucked out that afternoon. But, had I not checked the guide, I would have found out; one of my aunts called and then a cousin called; they both know how I like cake decorating so it was great to know they thought of me and gave me a call. But I am learning, most times FN airs challenges on Sunday. Out of these 5 episodes, I had already seen 3 of them that I recorded previously but that didn't stop me; I recorded them again including the ones I hadn't seen before. Hey, you can never have too many copies and it was great to have them all on one tape, back to back. Plus, I need the motivation for the upcoming MidAtlantic Cake Show coming up in April. I can't wait to walk into that room filled with sugar! Now I just need to decide what I'm going to enter into the competition.

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